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Food Service Equipment

Giles produces a wide variety of commercial equipment, which is marketed and sold worldwide ... electric and gas fryers, recirculating hoods, food preparation, hot food merchandisers, warming cabinets, rotisseries and various support products to fill the needs of any foodservice operator. New products are being designed and introduced every year to meet market demand and to provide our customers the value they deserve. Giles remains a privately owned company, striving to perpetuate the genius of Mr. Giles and Mr. McNeal and to be an innovative leader in the foodservice equipment industry. We are dedicated to producing High Quality, Durable, User-Friendly and Cost Effective foodservice solutions for customers, both large and small.

LT-4 Xpress-peditor Landing Table System

The versatile Xpress-peditor Landing Table System features a multifunctional piece of foodservice support equipment that serves various needs in a busy kitchen and serving area.



Portable Dump Station - easily dump cooked product directly into serving pan, reduces spillage and waste.


• Use as a FIFO rotation system - place pan of fresh cooked product on rack beneath funnel ... transport to point of sale ... dump older unsold product on top of new (FIFO) and place full pan for serving.


Durable stainless steel construction; racks & funnel are easily disassembled without tools for clean-up.


Saves space in a crowded kitchen.
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