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What If You Could:
  • CONVERT your biodegradable food waste (garbage) to usable a supplement for gardens, flower beds, lawn, etc. in just 24 HOURS?
  • REDUCE your food waste by 90% OVERNIGHT?
  • DEMONSTRATE your commitment to protecting the planet by going GREEN?
  • Remove carbon from the atmosphere?
 Advanced Zero Waste Solution
 CompostItNow's innovative technology allows for an automated and odorless composting process. Our exclusive microbes along with heat, transforms ordinary food waste into nutrient-rich soil. Our solutions are energy-efficient and a "hands-off" automated process. Our clients all have one thing in common: they've been able to implement significant reduction in waste management costs and greatly reduce their carbon footprint by adopting CompostItNow's systems on-site composting practices! Wide range of industries can benefit from a change in their food waste solutions.