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MARSI Systems

How we learned to "pioneer"!

Mid-America Restaurant Specialties, Inc., “MARSI Systems”, got its start in Chicago in 1974 as Microwave Food Systems. Microwave ovens were misunderstood and misrepresented. We found success with attention to detail and confirmed that it’s NOT the equipment or the price that produces successful food service; it’s having the right tools for the job, a dedicated and knowledgeable supplier and a committed staff focused on the customer. Value Added Services, training, and follow-up became our niche.

"Our Primary Product is Your Profitability"

Cooper's Express

Branded Chicken Programs

A branded Fresh Fried Chicken QSR that is non-franchised and affords some flexibility in your menu. We assist with department planning, equipment layout, menus and personnel training to help make your Cooper’s Fried Chicken concept work for you. Click on Cooper to learn more.

Our Mission


customers and suppliers in accurate evaluation of a MARSI System and help them achieve profits in food service.


a marketing staff of results-oriented, food service and retail professionals.


in taking every opportunity to continue learning about trends and other factors influencing the market place.


to maintain a level of integrity that is without question.